Best type of PC100 ram?



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What is the best type of ram that can do 2-2-2 with precharge on. Also could you list some manufactuers that sell memory with that type of ram?

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I am begging to wonder if PC100 can do 2-2-2 and precharge on. I looked at pricewatch and I can get Micron PC133 7.5ns for a pretty good price. Would this be able to do 2-2-2 with precharge on at 100mhz fsb?


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I have some Micron PC-100 8ns cas 2 that would run 2-2-2 in my Abit BP6. I have some Micron PC-133 7.5ns also. (If I can remember it would do it also) It won't do it in the current Soyo mb I have, but neither will the PC-100. So it depends on several factors. The Soyo board I am running right now is a Socket 7 SY5SSM. It's a real piece! Some systems will do it some won't. You shouldn't have problems if it's a good board. And check they sell Micron pretty cheap.


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I have 2 32mb sticks of generic pc-100 ram that have been running at 2-2-2 w/precharge on, on a 100mhz fsb. Works no problem. I upgraded to a 128mb chip so the 2 32's are for sale if anyone is interested.
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Go with Mushkin or Corsair for fastest/most reliable RAM (I've got 2 x 128MB PC133 CAS 2 Mushkin myself...damn good stuff!!)



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kingston value ram cas2 6ns max mine runs 150 fsb 128mb 2-2-2 upto 133 and 2-2-3 upto 140 only $84