Best Sleeper (Bargain Bin Game)



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I imagine that most of you have picked up
a game from the bargain bin that never sold
that well, but hooked you enough to keep you coming back. I would say "SCARAB" did just that to me. I picked it up cheap and spent many a night battling my brother-in-law via
modem. It was a blast! The graphics by todays standards are simple....but the gameplay was great. Hey EA....Scarab 2?


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I got it for DM 9.99 ($5) two years ago! The guys in the shop made a mistake with the price: DM 9.99 instead of DM 99.99. Hehe


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EB here was throwing out Heavy Gear 2 for AU$20 (US$12 or so). We had a LAN party a couple of days after I found it - learning to play that multiplayer was pretty addictive.


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I wouldn't mind getting Ceasar 3, but I rarely have time to do stuff like that.


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I got Shogo: Mobile Armor Division for about $9. Played it for about half an hour and that turned into playing it for about three hours for two weeks straight