Best OpenGL card (<£200)



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What is the best graphics card for OpenGL performance? I don't care about Direct3D (I'm running NT), just want best OpenGL performance under Maya, Softimage, etc.
Although I can't afford more than £200.
I was thinking about low end Oxygen cards, maybe a Permedia3 or TNT2.
What's your thoughts?


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The best lower priced card is the 3dlabs Oxygen VX1. it can be had for as little as 230.00. the best card under than is the Riva TnT. Nvidia has a fairly decent OpenGl ICD. The Permedia 3 may be the low end card to have , but no telling , since it hasn't shipped yet. I'm running a TnT at home and a VX1 at work. Both do justice to the asking price.The TNT does not really offer a serious performace advantage, but the ICD is stable and actually does work in the apps.