Best motherboard??



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Which motherboard is the best for overclocking Intel celeron cpus??
I want a slot 1 board



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Abit Asus Soyo all do well. For around $80 the Abit BH6 is a good buy but all of the above mfg make good boards for a little more. The Soyo BA6+III (i think is the model #) is a new board and has MANY desirable features and appears to be VERY stable.


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I've had the Asus P3B-F for about 2 weeks now and I think that the Abit boards are a little better. They have way more flexibility when it comes to overclocking. The P3B-F allows you to overclock at a fixed rate... the Abit's are flexible up to any imaginable rate. Read up on the Abit's.

Go for the Abit BE6. It has a UDMA 66 Controller. Like having a baby i820 chipset. Mine's arriving soon... I can chuck the P3B-F over to another computer... and don't be fooled... the 6 PCI's is an interchangable option. They don't all come that way. Mine only has 5 PCI and 2 ISA's.

Hope this helps?

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Hey Toolbox, did you ever find that SL36C PPGA 366 you were looking for? I just bought a pretested one that's guranteed to run stable at [email protected] My total for this and a MS6905 Ver. 1.1 slotket was around $120 including shipping. Maybe I can get it to do 568 or 616 with a little voltage bump.