Best Joystick for games ?



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Who uses which joystick in games and the pro's/con's of these joysticks in various game types. You may have tried many types and makes or you may have stuck with only one make, whatever, add your info here. DD.

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I like the MicroSoft Sidewinder Precision Pro USB. Tons of buttons that are programable very sturdy and quality built joystick. The force feedback one is nice to but it never seems to get below $100. Thats just to much for me. For $40 the Sidewinder JS is a great value.

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I've been using Logitech for years. I broke 6 of them when I first started MP in Doom on Dwango (heh). Currently I own a Logitech Wingman Interceptor. Not the most expensive/best stick but very well constructed.


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In my opinion the MS sidewinder usb pro is the best but you pay alot for it. But i think the logitech ones are better value.



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I have this really crappy 2-button Joystick, it works fine but its really plain. But for the games I play, I dont use the joystick.


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i love my Sidewinder Precision Pro Force Feedback....its cool! and the price was right...around $80 for me...

it is great because for one, it has a large base, whihc means if you are tryin to pull up as fast as you can, the joystick base stays still as the joystick moves back....another plus is the twisting of the joystick itself. they can be used as rudder pedals when you are on the runway. the 8-way HAT is good too. Although i do have to say that the throttle is in a bit of a weird position...

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I had a Sidewinder PP, and a Wingman begore. I wore out the Wingman, then gave the Sidewinder away when I found my current joystick. It has more buttons, a smoother action, 8 way hat, twist axis(rudder), and it is USB compatible. It is made by Interact, and called the Cyclone Digital SV-286. I got mine at Egghead a few months ago for less than $30!!! I have since, looked nearly everywhere for one for my brothers, but I can't find one. This is the best stick I've ever used. If you can find one, you'll love it. And let me know where, if you do!


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I really like my Sidewinder FF joystick. If we are talking FF. Some people don't like them because they ADD to the game experience. Most people like them BECAUSE they add to the game experience.

Take Interstate '76 (though this was a poor implimentation of FF Tech, it was one of the first). Bouncing along the road, lining up a bad guy while under buffeting fire that pretty much knock you around.


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I LOVE my MS PP joystick! As I said before in another post, I freakin' ROCK in UT with my joystick!
I was looking to get the MS FF joystick but then I found this one coming out this fall!

Hey, does anyone know if UT supports Force Feedback?


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i got a sidewinder precision pro. don't think it's usb though. joysticks are sooooo nice in driving games and flight sims, but i can't stand them in fps games.