best free isp for online gaming?



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what do you think is that best isp for gaming?? i mainly play cs( mod for hl)


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Best ISP is one that has the most local phone number. That way it travels phone lines the shortest. Also some experience with ISP from National to small Local ISP the small Local ISP is fastest. Theres good and Bad Local ISP tho need to check a ISP review site. has a ISP review. National ISP believe it or not,
JUNO has got some descent connection speeds. Can try it for Free, in the Games the Banner ad is dropped.
regards Bronto


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i just set up net zero on a friend's computer.
it connected at 40,000 Kbps.
I have heard of people having problems with download and connection speeds on net zero, but so far he hasn't had any.
he will soon be trying out online gaming.


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soniclos, i dont live too far from your 10-20, and am able to obtain 4-ish dnldz. im using the Z3 version. have u tried an alternate #?


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I've found that it varies from location to location. Since they're free just download a whole slew of them and try each out until you find the one that best suits your needs. I've used Netzero, Juno, BlueLight, and the service Excite and AltaVista offer. They're all pretty similar after awhile. Except WorldSpy. Now THAT was the best free service I ever found. No ads at all and quick connection (at least for me). Too bad Juno swallowed them whole.


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really... I only get 4-5k bursts. most times sits at 3.1-3.5k i check with netzero tech support and and said yes they limit bandwidth to 3.3k and the burst are just cached files. Which one are you dailing up to?


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Yep I gotta agree with Pirate World Spy was the best, even better than most of the non-free isps. Juno isn't too bad. Its not as good as World spy or freewebb but I guess their extinct now. I kind of wish I had bought some stuff from em now. Maybe we could have kept em in business. Oh well.


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i currenting have netzero and get 300+ lag, with bad packet loss =( to make things worse, unless i uninstall netzero, i won't let me sign up for other free isps =(=(. oh, how do u get rid of the annoying ad banners on netzero?


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Sorry aug; please convey that info by email if you wish.

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