best celeron cooler



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I'm setting up a new system and
am wondering what is the best cooler
to use. It's a 366 Celeron ppga with
a Powerleap Pl-PII slotket on an ASUS
P2B-DS m/b. I'll want to o/c to 550
but want to add a better cooler before
I try. What's good, where can I get
it, and how much ?


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I got the above cooler Alpha7HO from 3dfxcool. It is really good for the PPGA Celeron. My temperature dropped from 43deg to 36 degrees. I definately recommend it. It costs $30. If you want anything better that this you need to buy a Peltier (Thermoelectric cooler) which will run you $$$+


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Thanks. I'll check it out.
Also, I've seen people decoding the info on the chip, which batch, how good o/c able etc.
Where can that info be found ??

My Celeron 366 info:
Batch # L9150523
MM# 821011
version # 726928-002
Pack date 5-14-1999

Can anyone help me out with the info ??



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You listed...

My Celeron 366 info:
Batch # L9150523
MM# 821011
version # 726928-002
Pack date 5-14-1999

The first alphanumeric symbol is an L meaning
that it is a Malaysian chip, the alphanumeric
symbol is the 9 which is the year it was made.
The next two digits are combined to tell you
the week your chip was manufactured, yours
being the 15th week, which is when the yields
started getting very good across the board.
The last four numbers , and i could be wrong,
but I believe they indicate production number
of that week.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks Pope !! Where did you get the info
from ?? webiste, book ,etc..

this is the first system I've built in a few years. My last is my 200 MMX system which
is my current computer. My new one will
Celeron 366
Powerleap Pl-PII slotket
Asus P2b-DS m/b
ATI Rage Fury video
Corsair mem CAS-2 (64 now +128 later)
+ old SB PCI 128 sound
old PCI USR Modem

Not great-not bad. Willing to answer
any questions if anyone's got some.
thanks again.