best CD-R disk?



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Hi everybody,

I was wondering what is the best CD-R disk to use? I bought a box of BASF CD-R and it SUCKED BIG TIME! Out of a box of 10, I made 8 frisbees!!! Can you believe that?! Then I bought a box of Maxell and I never had anymore problems anymore. Any comments?

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Go for Sony...I've used lots of them (at least one per day) and I've had almost never had any trouble with them. I use CDQ-74CN.

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I have had 100% media reliability (excluding "duff-ups" by myself) with Mitsui and Dysan CD-Rs.


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Guess I have been lucky. The Maxell CDR's have always worked good for me and it is a good thing. Over the past year I have bought about 150 of them and have been able to do the rebate thing they have had for the past year thru Maxell. I have about 24 cents each in them after rebate and if my last one pays off like I hope I will have about 18 cents each in them. And yes there will be replies that some people can't get them to work for them but I have burned about 20 of them with no problems at all. BTW I have a HP8100i CD Writer.


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It depends on the brand of your cd, becuase with one person the sony cdr's worked greatwith me they screwed up bad. I currently use TDK, Maxell, and Imation. They have worked great for me. I recommend buying 4 or 5 different brands and see which perform best on your cd-r.


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aug1516 is absolutely right. I have a standard Mitsumi writer, I have great luck with just about all CD-R's except the Silver on really light blues. So again it just depends on brand. Tell yall what though, seems like most CDR's like the Gold on Green or gold on blue. I have seen most CDRs like those.

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yep just depends, although the color on the cd's is supposed to mean about how well they copy and how long they last. The ones I have had the best luck with is Ricohs. Imation worked once out of 5 for me. The original Ricohs have gold bottoms they are supposed to burn the best and last the longest, now they make them cheaper with different coatings and they dont last as long, but sometimes they do seem to burn better.

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Personally, I think Princo CD-R's suck big time. I've only ever managed to get about half the CD's burned, to work on about 1/3 of the CD-Rom's I try it on. I've had a couple of friends give me things on Princo's (using different writers) and they'll either have absolutely no directory structure, or the programs will stuff up randomly.

I generally trust Kodak or TDK. I used to use Sony's (a couple years back) but I occasionally had problems. Perhaps they're better now though...