Best Cases?



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Where on the net should I look for the best full tower case? I have heard good things about Inwins and Addtronics...



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Case looks something like this:

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I have an Additronics 6890 which I like very much. Check out ars technica for a review of those cases. They're a little sharp around the edges and the reset button is hard to press in (unless you use a golf tee like me) but overall the quality is good. Check Supermicro also. I have a Supermicro mid tower that is good quality also. Dusting boy those look like mid towers to me.


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I just got my Add. 7896a and the thing is a monster. I believe it has most anything anybody would need in a full-tower ATX. It is a little expensive but Jim Hanson (I know I have the e-mail somewhere) can hook you up nicely.

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I have the Addtronics 6896 which is pretty similar to g13's 6890, except that it gives up an external 5.25" bay for a 2-drive cage. It's a great case, but it was expensive. BTW, I bought it direct from Addtronics for $144 w/ 300W PS.


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i got an AOpen HX-08 Full Tower case. it's pretty nice. space for extra case fans, nice and roomy, and it;s cheaper than the Addtronics or the Supermicros.

300W poer supply, 13 drive bays; 5 5.25" external, 1 3.5" external, 7 3.5" internal.

and i paid less than 100 bux for it.

da jig isz up...