Best card for AMD K6-400



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Any good video cards to recommend for my system, amd k6-3 400mhz, 64mb sdram, heard that voodoo3 performs better on PIII than on amd systems? Is this true?


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every card performs better on a faster cpu!
It depends on what you'd use it for, and what motherboard you have. The all around and most reliable cards are the ATI chipsets.

*ATI Rage Fury Pro is a decent one,
ATI Fury Maxx if you want power,
!ATI Radeon(s) if you wanna blow away your computer
and invest in the future.

*Matrox G400 is really good for everything! It is fast, includes TV in/out, etc.

Diamond Viper TNT2 Ultra is really powerful for now.
*Diamond Viper 2 is even more powerful.

*Voodoo3 3000 is fast, nice, but only 16 bit.
Voodoo3 3500 includes a tv tuner.

*GeForce cards (azus, annihilator, etc) are not good to get now, just for investment sake...

!GeForce2 GTS cards are of the future too.

Cards with a "*" are current recomendations because your cpu may not be able to feed enough data.
Cards with a "!" are ones you'd get of you plan in upgrading to a very powerful system soon.

These are the mainline cards i'd stick with. Hope this helps out!


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A Voodoo 3 would be your best bet. The V3 is less CPU dependent - where as the K6-2 is not very FPU efficient, the V3 will make up for the K6-2's loss.

I have a ATI Rage Fury 128 with a K6-2/400.
The ATI is a beautiful card. The colors are great and vivid, but the Rage Fury is a little CPU dependent meaning I see FPS decreases in high geometrical areas in some games. Hence, an ATI would be a great card with any type of CPU.

The worst card to get is a TNT2 w/ a K6-2. The TNT2 is very CPU hungry. It needs a fairly powerful CPU to help render. I've also heard many bad stories about the K6-2 / TNT2 combo.


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Voodoo3 3k is the thing to get for an K6-X user. No idea to spend big bucks on an sinking ship. And besides, you will probably get the best preformance out of an V3 card to!


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get V3 and forget TNT2 cous it is slower on K6-x then V3.

TNT2 is great but not for K6-x, and if you have Ali V based motherboard you while have nightmare and not PC.

V3 2000 all the way, and if you do buy V3 make shoure to mount fan on the card cous it can overheat if you have small chase with bad cooling.


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Forget the horror stories mentioned above. Here are some numbers (AMD K6/[email protected], 128MB, Card 1 V3-3000, Card 2 TNT2):
(1) (2)
3DMarkMax 2926 3144
Fin. Real. 3.56 3.64
Unreal 800 39.6 28.1
Q2 Crusher 800 23.6 42.6

You see, the cards are nearly equal. In Unreal the V3 ist fantastic. On the other side the card sucks in Quake2. So it simply depends on your favorite game or the price you want to pay. If the TNT2 is cheaper, buy it. If not, take the Voodoo. The drivers are good for both cards.



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I'd say get the voodoo 3 2000. I didn't want to suggest any RIVA right now because I was barely lucky enough to make a Riva TNT run on a K-6 2 450mhz. It took quite a lot of time and effort. Now I have a 500mhz AMD and the V3 2k and it works great. For me, if you want performance perhaps you could get the RIVA TNT2 but I don't suggest it. If you want compatibility get the voodoo 3. I have tested the voodoo 3 2000 on all computers here in the house and it haven't failed a bit. Given motherboards are: Soyo 5EHM, ASUS P5A-B, Redfox Ali, Freetech Slot A. Where as the RIVA TNT only worked in the P5A-B and the Athlon Mobo. Hope This helps