Best Build for Video Editing and After Effects



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I am planning on building a new PC specifically for video editing for my business. I will be doing mainly video editing work, but I also will be using After Effects and in the near future possibly Maya.

I am currently planning on using a Dual Socket Motherboard for the build. The question I have is if I should wait for mobo's with dual 1366 sockets (Nehalem) or use 771 socket mobo's instead?

I understand that the 771 mobo's use FB-DIMM's and the 1366's use DDR3 RAM. Which RAM technology would be better for this type of work?

Also which type of HDD would be better, SAS or Solid State?

My budget is around 7k, more or less. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


In a nutshell,
If willing to put up with teething issues and time to sort out any bugs... Nehalem/Solid State.

For any new technology expect glitches.
Especially those that are fresh off the drawing board and supporting hardware is not available and/or commonplace.