Best and worst MOHAA mission?


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For me (and I guess for a lot of others) was the Omaha mission. But I really enjoyed the mission right after the Omaha one. It gave me a "Band of Brothers" feel. And I also liked the first mission.

The worst one was the Tank mission. Just didn't do it for me. Slow controls, easy to die and in all not that fun.

Though what pissed me off most was the Sniper level. That just did my head in... But it was a good one when I could actually kill them.


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I like all of the mission that I can complete without any trouble. The worst was the any sniper level.
Wait till you get to the bridge level. You're gonna throw the computer out of the room


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The sniper level definitely the worst. I can't walk through a residential area now without looking in every window, on every balcony, and looking for shiny objects to blind people with.

The best level is Omaha. It was hard the first few attempts, but when you're sitting amidst barbed wire and bleeding with your men, you just really feel like a true soldier.

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Actually, the bridge level wasn't too hard. I think I did it after trying 5 or 6 times.

I am currently on the last level (I think). Seems like a peach...


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The last level isn't to bad (at least on hardest diffivulty) til the end when you have to escape I swear I didn't there almost as much as the sniper level. Just getting shot by so many guys to quick while runnign from explosions.

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