Benny Boy and all BF1942 nuts. Some tweaks and tips



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Install the 1.3 patch for Bf1942 obviously
Overclock your videocard if it isn't yet ;)
Do a little CPU overclocking as well if you haven't yet, upping the fsb is the best
Install Direct x 9
Install the latest Nvidia Detonator 42.86 Direct x 9 beta drivers (available from guru3d)

Go to your bf1942 directory and click on mods/bf1942/settings and edit videodefault.con in your text editor, Add these lines to it

renderer.globalLodRadiusScaleFactor 10
renderer.allowAllRefreshRates 1
renderer.forceSwSkinning 0
renderer.lockfps 3000
renderer.useTrilinearFiltering 0

If you're running on an older pre Vertex and pixel shader capable card like a Geforce 2 series i'd set renderer.forceSwSkinning to 1. You can play around with this setting anyways to see if it works better for you.

the allowallrefreshrates line allows you to play in above 60 hz which is fantastic and give you the edge on everyone else playing in 60 as well. go into the video settings and you'll see all the resolutions and refresh rates available to you.

I'm running in 1024x768x85hz with all settings on full except shadows and environment mapping.

In sound play around with the settings but i have mine on medium quality 22 khz and 16 channels enabled. This speeds up gameplay a lot!!!

I'm running on a Athlon xp-2000+ at 1.7
512 DDR @ 2-2-6 280 FSB
Asus A7V266E
Leadtek Geforce 4 4200 (42.86 drivers)
SB Live (3520 live/audigy drivers)
60 Gb HDD
Windows XP pro
Direct X 9
Via latency patch .19
Via Hypherion drivers
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cool, thanks for the tips..... im not really into that game, lol the only map i play is midway,,, but i must of played it 20 time over, it gets a little slow for me, mainly the reason i dont paly it. ill try your tips :)


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Yeah let me know if it helps you out at all. I'd be interested to see how this works on different machines


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Cheers Destwuckshun! Sorry, for the delayed response, been away for a while, but I will try these when I get the chance, still gotta arrange Vday for Friday!

I've never actually tried running BF1942 at reduced settings, and run all my games 100Hz using Powerstrip anyway (well, 1600x1200 I use 93Hz :D). I don't think I could live without the shadows and EMBM! And as for dropping sound quality, that is a definite no-no, especially as I am designing a £200 pair of new speakers for my PC to combine with a discreet little Cyrus amp. One of the best things about BF1942 is the intro music, it really gets you set for the action!

The project is a miniature pair of the legendary Wilson Audio CUB speakers using 4" woofers not 6.5" and a smaller, shielded version of the same Focal inverted dome tweeter. On initial testing the units sound phenomenal, what's even better is that the miniCUB will be able to reach down to 37Hz, the CUB only does 45Hz :cool:. Should be deep enough for a some bombastic gaming and crisp MP3 playback.

Sorry for getting off topic, I'll try out those file mods ASAP!.