Battle of the Chipsets



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with all the new chipsets coming out..
i'm really confused on what to get
Savage4, Voodoo3, Rage128, and TNT2 cards
which i am looking at
im thinking of the $100 range
the Diamond Viper V770 TNT2 looks like a
good card...but can the other cards beat it?


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Check the Savage 4 thing I put up, because Rogue Gunman put a site up with awhole bunch of reviews. I got a Voodoo3 2000, and it good enough for me cause I run glide games like Tribes alot.


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U may also want to check out the OEM Viper V770 card.
It only has 16mb ,but at $109 bucks its a REAL DEAL.
And it overclocks very well.
I personally own one cauz the price was definatelly right.
It maybe hard for u to find a store or site that carries the card but its worth a look


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If i were you i would buy a Voodoo3 3000 3dfx card. I dont really recommend them that often, but in your price range this is the best deal. This beats the Savage4 and the ATI Rage 128. It also beats the the Diamond Viper V770. The only card it doesnt beat is the Diamond Viper V770 Ultra. The Ultra does about 6% better, and it is also 250$. I just bought an Ultra @ 210$. I good site to look for great prices is at they so many different prices, from many different stores. Also the Voodoo3 2000 (AGP) does just about as good as the 3000 does.
Well i hope i helped you out.