Banshee vs TNT with Motocross Madness



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My 233MMX P5 system runs an STB Velocity 3D card. I just got Motocross Madness and it is a great game but the frame rates really sucks...MM uses a GLIDE engine which is supported by the Banshee but the TNT cards use multi-texturing and Banshee only single texture. (I am not sure if MM uses multi-texture). Anyone out there who has tried either card with this game or has suggestions ?...Am I making any sense ??


Frame rates really suck? What kind of system are you running?
The fps are slow?, how much,


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I have a pentium 233 MMX P5 on a Tyan Turbo 1671S Motherboard, 64 mb of SDRAM ,STB Velocity 3D with 8meg/PCI and a Sony 17" 200ES......I don't know what my actual frame rates are, as I don't know how to calculate them, but at the 400x300 setting (lowest) I still get a very jumpy picture that stops every now and then for a slpit second. If I increase the resolution to 640x480 it really gets maybe 2 or 3 frames a second,,,,,,,any ideas???

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Motocross Madness does not need / support
Multitexturing. I think there's no game yet on market that needs / supports it...
and it will take a while untill any game will
really need it.
For systems with lower processor:
Cards with Riva 128 or intel chip or Voodoo1
will be the best choice.
Only the newer processors (333 up) will really take everything out of chips like Riva TNT.
On systems like P200 the difference between Voodoo1 and Voodoo2 is not Voodoo1
is better here.
Voodoo Banshee might be a good choice but i think there might be also not much difference to Voodoo1...So a Card like
Voodoo1 would be best here...that's my oppinion.