Banshee Or TNT?



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I have just bought a AMD K6-2 350MHz,and have
problem deciding what card to buy. Banshee or
TNT? 3Dfx is the leader in with its chipsets,
but TNT claim it can run at higher resolutions & colour?
Guys need your help!


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Its very simple:
The Riva TNT offers you a great 2d acceleration as the Banshee, the TNT gives you much more speed and an image quality the Banshee never can do. The good of the Banshee is its compatibility with old 3DFX-only games. Your budget should decide...
If you have the money, buy the TNT and nothing else, if you dont have it, the Banshee is good for less money!


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I really think it is a hands down decision voodoo2 doesn't belong on the same board as the 2D graphics TNT is the way to go then buy an OEM Monster 3D II