Banshee into a "dated" Cyrix?



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My question is has anyone had any problems or experience with Banshee into an older Cyrix. I'm planning on getting some type of 2D/3D card and would like to not have to sell body parts to get it :). I have an "older" Cyrix running at a lowly 166, will I have problems if I try to add a card such as Banshee? I know the CPU will likely be a bottle neck but I suppose that will be my next purchase. Thanks in advance for suggestions.


If you buy a Banshee, check out metabye for theirs,, great driver support, they really push what the banshee can do. Or go with like the Creative Blaster TnT. Cheaper than the STB or Canopus or Diamond,..No tv out but can be had for as little as 120.00$
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I just got a STB velocity 4400 PCI, It is badass