Banners!? You gotta be kidding, right?



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Now there's banners on every message posted to a thread!? Is this some kind of measure to deter us from posting? This is ridiculous!?

1 - Who thought this one up?
2 - Who approved the idea?
3 - Who implemented it?

This is absurd. If these banners stay, I won't. Gratuitous advertisements are one of the most annoying things in the world.


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As quickly as they came, they are now gone. Weird.

And Mole, I realize they make money through advertisements. I didn't expect them to jam an advertisement in my mouth everytime I posted a message!


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thanks i didn't even notice them now there driveing me crazy thanks again or am i really happy you dont no do you i have a cat


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I want to know how to buy ad space on those ad banners.

How kewl it would be if everytime someone opened a thread they could see my name on the ad banner "GLUCKSTADT"! ~grin~

Maybe even post my url and increase my website hits.

It is now safe to turn off your brain!


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I've taken to ignoring all forms of advertising, I just don't see it anymore
so it does not bother me if it stays or goes
just make sure you get banners which pay per exposure, not per click

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Be careful about ignoring advertising. that's how subliminals work. Your concious mind ignores them, but your subconcious sees all and remembers it. in fact, that's the technique used by many speed readers.
Worse is that the smarter you are, the more sensitive you are to it.

Check the things it can't be first. It shortens the list.