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Can anyone tell me the way, if possible, I can go back to my desktop while in a game and then back into the game from the desktop, is there a set of keys to press, thanks. DD.


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Sometimes if you press the windows key in a game it takes you back to the desktop, then you can click on the game on the taskbar to get back to the game. Don't know if this helps you

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I think it depends what you are running for example q3 uses glide meaning you can't go back to the desktop I don't think the same applies to opengl, d3d or software. Then again I haven't really experimented with that much ( not at all to be honest ! )

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Cant quite remember if its TAB+Ctrl or Alt+TAB.

Its one of those but it doesnt always work, varies from game to game.
And some even warn you in the manual that doing this can cause the game to crash.

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Alt+Tab is allways a good place to start, or the windows key, you can then restart the game with it's taskbar icon, but some games will freeze up if you do this, they don't like it much.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Alt+Tab seems to work but SoF doesn't appear to like it much, I'll try other ways until it does, cheers. DD.


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I always use ALT+ESC when in FS mode. WHen in window mode, then I use ALT+TAB

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Usually I first use ESC key to get into the game menu and the ALT+TAB or CTRL+ESC to switch to the desktop. It's much safer to switch from the menu in most cases then from game itself.

Good luck, Igor