Avidemux 2.6.5 released



For those who edit with the Avidemux software:

2013-08-29: 2.6.5 : Going back to school offer
Thanks to Gruntster who did make the win32/win64 version what they are today.

The usual terse changelog :

  • libva hardware decoding
  • xvba hardware decoding, ported from xbmc, experimental
  • Re-enabled 64bits windows build using octave
  • Only lock job database when adding a job
  • Fixed the doubled fps bug on mpeg ts
  • Fixed positive and negative audio shift having the same effect
  • Windows : Better drag n drop support
  • Added back save/load video filter set
  • Dv encoding
  • Fast, superfast and ultrafast x264 preset by bernd_b
  • Support for 10bits h264 decoding
  • Much improved speed for downmixing
  • Updated libav*
  • Plenty of bugs fixed

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