averatec laptop



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i was wondering if anyone knew anything about Averatec brand laptops?
i have never heard of them before and was wondering because i was interested in one

on there site: http://averatec.com/notebooks/3150h.html
on staples site(where i plan to purchase from):

i planned on getting a store warranty so im not real worried about anything happening to it but i like the size and style of it and was wondering if they are basically any good?


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I purchased an Averatec 3150H in September. It is the worst computer I've ever owned. It has run slower each day to the point where it now runs slower than an old Pentium II 450 that I have.

Averatec insists that it's a bad bios even though it shuts down randomly and reports an error while trying to access the hard drive. When I asked about sending it in for repairs I was told that it would take a minimum of three weeks to get it back.

Last night I could hear the hard drive clicking and thrashing and it was hung up. On the first reboot it could not find the hard drive. On the second reboot, it came up.

I run setiathome on all of my pc's. When I purchased the Averatec it was doing a work unit in approximately 4.5 hours. It now takes over 13 hours to complete a work unit. This compared to 11 hours on my old Pentium II 450, 2hours and 40 minutes on my AMD 2500 desktop and 2 hours and 30 minutes on my AMD 2700 desktop.

Averatec is definitely an inferior product and their service is terrible. I'd recommend staying away from them.


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well its up to you, if you are getting it cheap then go for it but if you want reliability, first class customer support then go with IBM