Audio manager and PC speakers



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Hi. I've got a set of Altec Lansing vs-2121 speakers.. it's a 2.1 setup. The sub has the power source then the left and right are plugged into the sub and the normal speaker output on the soundcard.(Which is an odd way of connecting IMO)

The software that comes with the last two motherboards i've bought.. is called Realtek HD Audio Manager. For the most part it worked fine when I had a regular 2.0 setup, but the only enhancement it has are for headphones, 2 channel, 4 channel, 6 channel, and 8 channel. There is nothing for a 2.1 setup, so for the most part, the bass is very very very subtle and almost not there, almost distorting instead.

Does anyone know of any other software I could use to get a little more control over that? I've searched google already.

I use them mostly for gaming and movies.

Thanks in advance.


theclassicalgod said:
... Realtek HD Audio Manager...
Software should have option for equalizer controls.
You should be able to adjust bass/treble controls from there.
Check mobo/system manufacturers' website if any updated version of Realtek driver/software is desired/required.


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I've already tried that. I does slightly change things, but not as significantly as I had hoped. I even tried tweeking some of the presets it had a bit, not all that great. The "Powerful" setting, isn't quite all that powerful. But I know it has the output because I have used a VSTi Bass and had it shake the desk. lol

But I can't seem to get the right feel otherwise.

Maybe these speakers just don't give the control i'm looking for. I mean, with my car, even my surround sound setup has individual speaker control, even the sub has it's own control; this set is only being controlled by one individual input, and can't get the sub up without cranking the volume on the rest.


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are you sure it's not a problem with your actual speakers, instead of the signal they are getting? also, you might want to go ahead and spend $50 or so on a decent sound card. i hear it makes a world's difference in the audio quality...