Audio input to PC card too loud



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I'm trying to record analogue video onto my PC and while the video is fine, the audio is terrible. I'm inputting the audio signal via the mic (or linein) socket on the soundcard directly from the camcorder but cannot adjust the output level from the camcorder. I've reduced the mic (& linein) levels to almost nothing on the PC but its still far too loud. What solutions are there to this? Can I be a de-amplifier to go onto the 1.5mm jack? Any thoughts would be thankfully accepted.

Thanks, John.


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Doesn't the camcorder have a line level out? Line level should not be amplified at all. You can probably find some type of attenuator. I actually have one but it doesn't accommodate the jacks you need. It's for quarter-inch plugs.


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Mic level is far lower than line level. It's equivalent to the old magnetic phono level (which had an equalization curve as well as the extra amplification.)
Are there any software settings that can switch that input to line level?


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Line in is not for the mic. You should plug it (preferebly a digital mic, costs 25 bucks) into Microphone USB Audio Device.

That input is for things like DVD players, etc. I mean for their output.