audigy SE (I think ) questions



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Just picked this bad-boy up from wal-mart.

Works great...It replaced my ISA SB16. Much better performance in games LoL (though I do miss the amplified output).

Anyways, I turned hardware acceleration on in HALO and everything sounds sweet except my footsteps and my gunfire. Sounds like its clipping or something..Anyone know anything of this?? A prob with halo or the Sound Card?

Also, I cannot control my Reverb and Chorus for the MIDI channel. I see the switches for these in the sound mixer but they have no effect. I have the EA set to concert hall (I think, the computer in question has no internet so I'm not able to look). I have the recording channel set to "what you hear" ( I remember in Live! you sometimes needed recording channel set to what you wanted effects with...) The midi files themselves also do have reverb levels set. I cant think of anything else

Also, question I've had for a while...Why does the soundfont have like 10 copies of the 4 meg Soundfont installed by default? What is the advantage to doing this?

I noticed I have a few midi's that have drums that will only play like this...The drums in these files also will NOT play if I only have the 8 meg soundfont installed in the primary bank (but WILL with the 4 and 2 meg). I had the same problem with Live! Any ideas?