ATX Cases with USB port(s) on Front



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Can anyone advise me where I can find ATX Tower ( Midsize or full )with USB port access
on the front of the case ?



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Ive seen these but i only saw them on compaq and some other companys. i dont know if they sell them im loking for a case too.

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If it has USB ports on the front it is proprietary (Does not meet the ATX specification) An ATX board must have the USB ports on the back of the unit.


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You can:

(A) go buy a USB hub. These usually come with a 6 foot or so extension cord, which brings the plugs within easy reach.

(b) buy an AT-style motherboard. The actual connectors are not built into the motherboard, so you can make modifications to your case and simply hook up USB ports to the connector provided on your motherboard. That way you can put the ports wherever you want on your case.

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Hi Rocket43,

Cyberguys sells an internal 4 Port USB Hub for around $50. It'll fit into your unused 3.5" bay next to your Floppy drive. I'm thinkin about getting it, but I have to first find an ATX I/O Shield with extra opening large enough to fit the USB cable though it.

Well, this is Cyberguys's web site...

PS. don't get compaq trash... anything proprietary will sux, so stay away from them... else you are asking for it!!

As for mid tower cases, get either an Enlight 7237 or Inwin A500. I think I talked about that in the one of the mid tower case discussion.