Atten: All d-link owners with firmware problems



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If you are an owner of a D-link product with hardware/firmware problems that are still unresolved despite all your efforts to have them resolve them or if you have recently upgraded your firmware only to have your router become useless or not perform as advertised. Immediately follow the instructions below and wait for more details on a website that is being developed now to assist you with these problems.

In the need to do the following immediately.

1). File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau at (this will get an immediate response from Dlink and replacement of your router - at least for now)

2). File a complaint with the California Department of Consumer Affairs.

3). File a complaint with YOUR state's consumer affairs

4.) File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

5.) File a complaint with

You may use the complaint text for each one (that way it saves you loads of time). Also save your paperwork and all emails, conversations, phone records...everything! Do NOT dispose of, sell, trade or otherwise let the hardware go as this may become valuable evidence for authorities.

Your warranty status does NOT matter. Facts are if the firmware update that D-Link provided caused the damage they are liable to fix and/or repair the damage in a reasonable period of time. Almost 3 months is not reasonable.

More on the self help website will be announced shortly. In the meantime you need to immediately file the complaints above and SAVE EVERTHING!

If you need help let me know and I'll be happy to help you.


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Nothing has changed much on this. DGL-4500 owners still have crippled routers and the latest firmware seems to have created more problems than fixing (at least with the wireless portion).