ATI Tech Support - NOT!



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In my humble opinion, ATI tech support is the worst I've ever encountered. About two months ago, I reported a problem with the All-in-Wonder 128 PCI Card - TV Tuner won't initialize due to a GPF in CWDAUDIO.DRV (Crystal Audio). I have contacted ATI both on the phone and via email. ATI phone support (what a laugh!)2 months ago informed me they had "many customers" with the exact same problem. I even wasted my time sending in the requested "ATI Problem Report". I just got off the phone with them, asking for an update of the situation. All the moron did was quote "ATI Software Engineering has been advised of the above issue and is investigating". This has been their answer for the past two months! I was expecting an answer like "we're expecting to resolve this soon" or even "it doesn't look like we are going to fix this", just an HONEST answer! The last thing I'll say in this ranting post is I WILL NEVER BUY AN ATI PRODUCT AGAIN!! They really don't give a flying ---- about you once they have your money.