ATI Radeon DDR 32mb! Give me your opinions



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Okay, it seems that I have narrowed my choice to this card. I thought long and hard about the GeForce2 MXs, but considering the DVD and the TV out factor, ATI wins hands down, I think.

So those of you who has this card, let me know what you think of it. I am ready to put my credit cards numbers in, just wanted to get a few more opinions before I do so.

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You have made the right choice, my friend.

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I think that the ATi card is better not only because of the DVD and TV out factor, but because it performs better than the GeForce2 MX in almost all games and most systems. I also think you've made the right choice.


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Well I have a 64mb Radeon w/ Vivo and it freaking conflicts with my Asus A7V! I have tryed every set of beta drivers I could find and t stil hangs and gets crap FPS and 3dmark scores. I wish I could keep it but I want a card that works. I have 2 so I'll keep one to use on my next mobo. I sold the other and already have a 64MB Geforce2 GTS on order.
ATI says their is a problem on some systems with the KT133 chipset (which you have) so take you chances.
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The biggest problem that motherboards have with the Radeon cards has to do with the AGP VxD driver and DirectX.. Uninstall both and then install the AGP VxD driver in "standard" mode, then install DirectX.. That seems to solve conflicts for a -lot- of people.