ATI Radeon 64 video in problem



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I have the ATI Radeon 64 meg card and cannot get the video in feature to work. As soon as I click on it - it says

" The TV player failed to initialize the video. Ensure the correct video drivers have been installed and close any applications which may be playing video such as DVD or WebTV before attempting to restart TV."

I have the newest drivers and have just reinstalled Windows ME to a new hard drive so there is very little other software on the system to interfere with it.

Any ideas?


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check out this link, I think it will help!

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the card automatically enables/disables the port depending on if anything is hooked up to it. do you have a vcr or dvd or something hooked up to it?

it would kinda help if you'd give some more information...


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Sorry about the lack of info

In the back of the card I hooked in the cable they gave me to the video in - and hooked it to the video out on the camcorder.

tried it with 2 camcorders - tried it with the camcorder on and off

Other than the monitor - nothing else is hooked up to the video card.

I have an AMD K6-3 450 128 meg ram and a Monster sound MX300. Runing WIN ME.

Dont have a DVD player.

Have not tried hooking it to a VCR - would involve too much moving around.

Thanks in advance


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Which drivers are you running??? The 7062's available from appear to drastically improve video in performance, at least they did on my bro's Radeon 64mb.

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