ATI All-in-Wonder



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I have an AMD K6-233 with 32 Megs RAM.

I am considering a new video card that has alot of different features. Specifically, I was looking at the ATI All-In-Wonder.

Is this a good card? Is it worth it, or should I look elsewhere?


If you really want a good all-in one card. Get the MAtrox MArvel G200. IT is a 2d/3d/ tvout /in, video capture, all onboard solution, liek the all in wonder, but much better. It costs alittle more, but it is worth it. I bought an All-In -Wonder, it is such crap. The 2d is ok, the 3d is a joke, and the video capture is mediocre at best. I would definitely stay away from it.


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I have a 17" IBM G72 monitor driven by an ATI 3-D xpression+ (Rage II). My video problems are now hiistory, and it was modestly priced.
Check your email for an avi video clip.


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Well both previous reply posters are correct.

The newer ATI AIW cards are touchy especialy the 128bit versions.

There are some facts you should know.

1: Video capture and playbak are are totaly

2: ex an ATI AIW 128 bit 16 or 32mb will not use it's memory in video capture (confirmed by ATI itself). Therefore the video capture
procedure depends entierly on your system.

On you 32mb system it is highly unlikely you will be able to record anything more than (in avi's). 320X240 15fps 24bit color cd quality audio with no image compression codec mode.

ATI does finaly have a chart that compaires
the computer system vs Mpeg recoding quality.

Unfortunately Since Digital Vision went under,near 99% of the video capture cards on the market are "system dependant". There is Broadway Pro, which can record avi's and mpegs upto 352X242 (aka video disc format).
To date this is the only Non-irq independanty
running video capture board that could be found.