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i am thinking on getting the all in wonder video card. is it a good choice? also i was wondering if a video card inhaces realvideo and any internet video?


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THe AIW is a pretty cool card if you can just get the right drivers to work. I've got a K6-2 and the all of the drivers have sucked. I've tried about 15 different versions and they all have their own problems. The biggest problem has been DVD freezing up after about 30 minutess or less. I have to restart the DVD program or my computer if it is really frozen and then its fine again for another 30 or so minutes. Other than this once I was able to get some decent drivers it been nice. The TV feature is cool, DVD is nice and the 3D is a helluva lot better than my old Diamond Viper 330 but don't expect anything great. The chip and memory are clocked at 90/90 as opposed to 103/103 for all other retail Rage 128 based cards. For more info go to it has great info on all Rage 128 cards. Also you can try the driveers from I've found them to be the most stable. Its kind of sad the they make better drivers than ATI themselves. So all in all I recommend the AIW as a great card especially if you live in a dorm like I do but be prepared to try lots of different drivers, unless Intel's don't have the same problem. (I suspect they don't) Hope that helped a little.