ATI All-In-Wonder 128 32 Meg Freezing



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I have a ATI All-in-Wonder 128 32 Meg RAM AGP. When I start any application that use Direct3D or OpenGL, my computer Freeze.

My computer is:

MotherBoard : Tyan S1590
Bios : Latest (B1.16C)
RAM : 128 Meg PC100
HDD : 30 Gig Maxtor
Floppy : 2 x 1.44 Meg
CDROM : 1 CDROM 40X Generic
CDWriter : 1 HP 8100i

No other card except the video card.

My USB Chip setting in Bios is ENABLED
My VGA IRQ is Assigned

My Cacheable and Shadow Bios Video is OFF

I use Windows 98 SE install from Scratch

The Video Driver is 4.6277

My chipset is VIA Apollo MVP3

I use the latest VIA Driver for IDE, vIRQ, AGP, PCI, Chipset

There is two problem : I lock up in applications (like Solitary or Freecell) or I lost the display completely (Black screen with no more signal to Monitor). I use the driver for MY monitor (Panasync Pro 15 from Panasonic)

Pascal H.