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Ok, I will be getting a new video card to go along with my new 1.1 gig t-bird, I'm moving up from a 350 k6-2 so this will be my first athlon. I'm excited, but my aging TNT card needs an upgrade. I want to try and do some video input stuff into the computer so this card looks pretty sweet combining all I want. I will be running it mostly on win98se. Anybody care to comment on how the video input/output is and it's dvd playback capabilities. Any comparable cards with these vivo features on other cards from different companies?

I also saw a 32mb radeon all in wonder, which basically ads a tv tuner which I already have, although a crappy one which I've tried to capture video with, didn't go very well on my k6-2 system. I look forward to doing it on the radeon. Will be doing saving of video files to my 7200 rpm 45 gig 75gxp, so hopefully it can keep up.


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The Radeon 64MB VIVO is a very nice card. DVD quality is great. Video in and out are the best in the industry.

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