AthlonMP Shims



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Is there anyone making them yet? cause there's a few more resistors at the base of the package.

------------------ chain's too short

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Why order them when you can make your own from plummers epoxy. They would be custom fit also. It takes plummers epoxy about a hour to harden to full strength if that. You could make about probably fifty of them from one tube of $5 putty. It hasz the consistency of playdoe but hardens fast. At the transition state you could trim the edges and what not. ALso it would be non conductive so there would be no heat transfer as you see with copper shims.


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the copper shims dont really help to transfer hea, th heat all comed from Core not teh sorrounding area that the heatsink/ shim dosernt even touch.

Its jsut a ploy to get u to buy it

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As has been discussed before the point is the Cu will hold more heat and not allow it to transfer to the HS. Same thing as if you were in a intersection blocking up traffic