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I'm about to build my first system, and right now, I plan on getting a 1 GHz Athlon Tbird paired with the IWill KK266-R board in an Antec SX-830 with a 300-watt power supply.

The other projected parts: 512MB PC133 SDRAM, Maxtor hd, Plextor CD-RW, Creative DVD, SB Live! Platinum, a GeForce2 card, a modem and NIC.

I've read a lot of stories about problems with the Athlon running hot. I am not an overclocker and do not intend to do so with this system. I plan on just using the standard HSF that comes with the retail box of the Athlon, in conjunction with the heatsink (no fan) that comes on the IWill board. The Antec case comes with two rear fans standard.

Will these be enough to cool the system? Or should I get another (or extra) HSF?

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Im sure your temps should be ok, have tested your temps yet? if is between 45c and 50c, is not bad, but I would buy a new HSF. I got a Taisol, not loud! and is good cooler. also I recommend FOP38's, but there much louder!


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I just got an Antec workstation that came with the 2 rear fans installed. I added 1 in front for intake. Dropped my temps from mid'60's down to 55 max.


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I had temps that maxed at around 63C when I first put mine together about a month ago. This was with a Chrome Orb HSF. I bought the parts from a local computer store, and that was the fan they recommended. I soon replaced it with a GlobalWin FOP 32-1, added a few case fans, and now max at around 45C. Was staying aroun 43C max, but since it has been closer to 80F here the past couple days, my house has been warmer, so computer temps have gone up.

By the way, AMD tech that emailed me said that the Athlon could operate up to 90C. Too high for me though.


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i have 2 athlon classic system.

the one in my room has decent cooling (vos 38 i guess) and the chip never goes higher than 40C under full load. otherwise, it runs around 32-35C most of the time. (athlon [email protected])

my other system, a 950mhz, has the original heatsink and fans on cpu, and it runs from 39-43C max.

they both work fine...

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Here's what I can tell you. Had/have a Classic [email protected] with a Voss 32 HS/fan , runs twin fans and drones alot. Just got a 1.33 gig t-bird, KK266 mobo, and Global win WBK-38 HS/fan combo. t-bird is an AXIA- unlocked, running at 1490MHz.{Just braggin}. The heatsink is great, BUT the 60mm fan that came with it , is just plain nasty. 38cfm's at 6800-7100rpm's . Just like a jet engine. Couldn't take it any more, pulled the fan off, and used tie strappes to put on a 92mm fan at , I think about 34cfm's. Cools just as well and a hellofa lot less noisy. At this moment, I'am in the process of making a templet for a "funnel" to accept a 92mm Panaflo fan, ---2100rpm's, 42.7cfm's, at 27dBA's. 5cfm's more at 5000rpms's less. I think that with all the options out there, why can't a manafacture come out with a moderatly priced a HS/fan combo, that does "thejob".

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Hey ebok what material are you thinking of using for the funnel. I was thinking of the same thing, but i'm not quite sure what type of material will support the fan and allow me bend it in a cone shape for the funnel. I was thinking of using plexi glass for a bottom bracket (size of 60mm fan) and a top bracket (size of 92mm fan) and buying an actuall funnel and then cutting it to the right size to put between them. I was also thinking of using a plexi glass bender to make a funnel to go between the two brackets. What are you planning?

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