Athlon people and all overclockers pleas help.



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I am very pised with my two Athlon CPUs.

Well they work great, but I can`t overclock the way I would like to.


CPU 1 K7 Athlon Classic 500 with 650 core and 3,3nS L2, 0,25 micron

CPU 2 K75 Athlon Classic 550 with 650 core and 3,6nS L2 0,18 micron.

Mainboards MSI K7Pro (Irongate) and Epox EP-7KXA (VIA KX133).

Both CPUs work 100% stabile @ default power 1,6V @ 700MHZ and both can run @ 1/2 L2 100% stabile, I have tested that for many times, and I have 0 problems.

Both CPUs simply refuses to work @ enything higher then 700.

My question is why? becouse they work @700 @ default 1,6V.

I am able to overclock on my EPOX MB both CPUs up to 770 MHZ (110FSB) but thing is that my K75 (0.18CPU) needs extrimly high 1,75V to run @ only 770MHZ, is that maybe litle strange.

I have modified cooling for both CPUs, no HTP, cooler is directly on CPU with 3 fans on every cooler, and L2 is resolder on both CPUs to 1/3.
And I have good cooling for case

I am bit frustrated becous I read how people overclock 650MHZ CPUs up to 800 and even higher, and I can`t get not even 750 with 0.18 micron CPU (K75).

What am I doing wrong.

Coolers are big, I have lots of fans, and even 0.18 micron CPU but no go, not higher then 700MHZ.

@ 700 both CPUs run @ usual temp of 30C or 28C for 0.18 micron CPU.

The worst system is not the one that has slowest QIII frame rate, but one that not works corectly.


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that voltage seems OK - a tbird 700 runs at 1.7 volts.

I assume you use a GFD and not just the FSB, right?

[oh, if you have 770 with a 110 fsb then you clearly have a gfd

Impossible? Watch me.

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R U sure you soldered the L2 in the right places? my athy 500 550 core does [email protected] and my athy 600 600 core does [email protected] and my athy [email protected]@1.75V.
i would recheck your L2 the two slower ones of mine do there speeds at 1/2 the 1035 is at 2/4 maybe 1/3 if i wana go higher.
so keep your l2 where it is and boot at say 600. check to make sure it's running at 2/5 or 1/3 i would use 2/5.
if all eles fail try using a GFD if your soldering. i soldered mine but well. maybe i was lucky.


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I am soldering multiplier and L2, power I can adjust from BIOS.

I have resolderd L2 to 1/3 and that menas

R101 +
R102 -
R103 +
R104 -
R106 -
R107 +
R110 -
R111 +

L2 is NEC-SEC Type 6

+ resistor (circuiet lo)
- no resistor (circuit high)

I have checked every resistor "thousend" times, and I have begin to think that Tom`s Athlon Classic overclocking guide is wrong.

In windows I check L2 state and WCPUID detetcs 1/3 L2, and then if I need faster L2 I can speedup L2 with h-odas utility, and 3,6ns and 3.3ns chips work great @ 350MHZ or 1/2 L2, and I can mesure that in QIII and memory benchmarks.

So I think L2 is not the problem and I think PSU is not the problem, atleast it should not be problem with K75 CPU (0.18 micron).

The worst system is not the one that has slowest QIII frame rate, but one that not works corectly.