Athlon 650 or 600...or 700 in April?



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i'm planning on getting a TYAN S2380.

looking at Athlon 650 or querstion there a big enough difference between the two to spend 50$ more for the 650?

oh yeah, this puter will NOT be overclocked...NO WAY! NO FORM! NO HOW!

thanks for the advice!

*my budget for the CPU will be 200$ although this will be at the end of April when the S2380's should be out as well....just maybe the 700's will be near that 200$ price range (currently 260$ OEM)...if it is....well...


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I saw this post in the CPU section.

Why don't you o/c them, the 700 can get to 850 easy (need soldering for cache divider)or, you can get the 600 for o/c-ing and save a few bucks


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damn people in this forum answer fast.

i don't want to overclock the Athlon because...

a. still in school (no cash flow here)

b. will be doing 3D rendering soon and i just need a system that works...can't afford for anything to screw up.

c. don't know jacksheep about overclocking

d. when summer does come and i'm finished with all the rendering...i will head back to this forum and learn everything needed to squeeze the life out of whatever processor i get

so far here's what it's looking like.

128 mb PC133 (Crucial)
64 mb PC133 (generic)
*could use more RAM....can't afford it just yet
27 Maxtor Diamond MaxPlus
20 GB IBM Deskstar
Tyan Trinity S2380 (in April)
Athlon (undecided)
250 watt Antec ps

thanks for the advice salt!


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for this i don't think the 40$ is worth 50mhz,

If you have more money, save it for RAM, AutoCad and stuff is RAM hogger.

SpitFire is coming, there will be a price drop in the athon lines...

just close attention to the price...


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damn...clicking from one forum to another.

ok...great...that answers 1 question.

now the Spitfire question.

tick for tick.....which will run faster...i ask this in regards to the differences in L2 caches

Athlon 700 or Spitfire 700?

last question and i won't bug you people anymore.

thanks salt.

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