ASUS V9900 Ultra !!!

Please only answer if u know the answers no theorys please!

1. The asus V9900Ultra (FX5800 Ultra) will it be good enough for Doom 3 / HL2 without AA on as i dont use AA on games anyway!

2.It doesnt do very well in 3d mark 03 about 4881 my last check with Dets 52.16 but any game i throw at it 1280x1024 it rox so smooth etc so how come 3d marks are hard for it?

3.Whats a FX5800Ultra worth?

4.It sits idle at desktop GPU = 50C after gaming 54C is that ok as ive cooled it with AS3 under the hood!(its not the blower version asus refined that to a steady Whine sound which is quite good!)

5.Thanks for your time and please no one mention get a radeon blah blah ive been there done that :)

Many thanks

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