Asus V7700 overclockable?



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hey guys,
just overclockable is it???
and if I can get some extra out of it, what cooling? stock hsf???
or a blue orb???
no matter what i will be amking a card cooler...and it has stock ram sinks...any suggesstions...thanx

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-Abit VA6 w/ VIA Apollo Pro 133A chipset
-Voodoo 4 4500 AGP @ 176 Mhz
-256Mb PC 133 SDRAM Cas 2
-Sound Blaster Live! 128
-10.2 gig Fijitsu @ 5400rpm
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Asus GTS v7700 32mb 220/390

You really need to mention if it is a 32mb or 64mb v7700 as the ram is different.

32mb cards have DDR SGram where as 64mb cards have DDR SDram.

General rule of thumb is the slightly better performing, (for the same clock), DDR SGram will o/c a bit less than the DDR SDram.

Sgram goes to around 390/400, and Sdram 405/415. batch differences may lead to higher or lower for a particular card however.

Ram heatsinks and GPU better cooling make little to no difference at all. You may get the GPU to clock a little higher if you cool it better, but clocking the Ram is where you get the performance increase due to memory bandwidth limitations. Keeping the core stock while finding the highest ram speed, (without snow or artifacts), is the best way. Once that is found then up the core a bit.


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The core goes way up, but it doesn't help at all. My mem (32 meg sgram) goes to about 380 without artifacts. The mem speed gain really boosts performance.

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