Asus V7700 flickering problem



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Hi there!
I've built the following system about two weeks ago:
Epox 8kta+
Duron 800mhz
Sb Live! Xgamer
Asus V7700 32mb pure
Windows ME
DirectX 8.0a

Everything was perfect until i decided to update my video card driver.
I tried these drivers: 6.50, 7.58 and 10.80. I sticked with 7.58 because it was faster.
The problem is that i get flickering texture in Quake III and 3DMark2000 (haven't tried 2001 yet) now. I tried to stick back to Detonator 6.50 and even the 5.33a from the Asus package and the flickering is still there.

I just found out that my Geforce and my SBLive are sharing IRQ11. Could it be related with this flickering problem?

I started to notice this when i installed quest for glory V (a game that doesn't require a 3d accelerator card) In the beggining it was OK, but then it started to crash an awful LOT and now, in adition, i get massive flickering problems.

Could it be that i have a hardware conflict because of the IRQ sharing?
Is it this quest for glory game that shreadded my computer? Should i reformat?
Any ideas?


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Try to raise the refresh rate of your monitor in the advanced display properties. As for the problem with quest for glory try to run it in dos.


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I tried to raise the Refresh Rate from 85 to 100Hz and quake III got worst than before.
Any other sugestion?

What would be the correct procedure (step by step) to update the video card driver?
After updating the driver do i have to reinstall VIA 4in1 drivers?


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Do you have v-sync enabled? You said you had upped the refresh rate from 85hz to 100 but didn't mention what kind of monitor you have. Perhaps it doesn' like those rates at the resolution you have (though I would expect a "scan out of range" or something like that). The step by step should be in the detonator readme. Is your card overclocked at all?


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V-sync and FSAA are off.
I have a Philips 107S monitor.
Nothing on my system is overclocked...


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Try turning v-sync on. At least on my card/monitor I get all kinds of visual anomalies when it's left off. Most notably there is a "rolling" effect on textures which occurs when I move which may or may not be the same as the flickering you describe.

The crashing could be the drivers for the cards/chipset, heat, the IRQ sharing, you may need to check if there are patches for the game, could be the memory...

If it's not v-sync, at least you've eliminated one.