Asus V6600 owners check in please



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I'm still trying to find out how or where Asus have fitted their temp monitoring. It can't be in the chip or they would all have it, (nvidia) part. Can some one send me, or better still link me to a download for the "Smart Doctor" program. It probably won't work on my card but I can't find a download on the Asus sit, which seems strange unless they are hiding something

I doubt it will work but it will annoy me until I know for sure

Also does the "hlt" program in "Smart Doctor" work at all?? and is this why some people are reporting lower than normal temps with this card in idle situations??

If you mail it to me, please put a message here so I don't get 100 large e-mail downloads!!



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The temp. monitoring is done by a seperate chip on the card made by Winbond. And yes, the HLT does work.. drops card temp. about 20c at idle.


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Thanks for that KeBoMaN and I've sold the Creative Geforce 1 card, check here:- Topic: I've got rid of the CLAP!!!........ so I don't need the "Smart Doctor" now thanks.

If the winbond Chip controls the monitoring it must still get the core temp from the GPU??. If so I can't understand why more of the Geforce cards don't come with the ablitity to monitor temps, as they get so damn hot!!

I thinking about a Asus V7700 if I can find one in the UK

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