Asus v3800 or viper770 ultra?



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I'm planning to buy a tnt2 card but for my PII400. I really don't know which one is the fastest. Does someone know where different tnt2 cards are being compared?


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dont get TNT2, get either Matrox G400 which is best for high rez, if you plan on playign in low rez get the TNT2 Ultra


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Well im hoping the best card is the Asus V3800TnT2 but only because i just bought one

should be here tomorrow


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RoCkeT_1: Benchmarks of G400 looks great but how compatible is it with the games like quake2/3 unreal etc?


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Everyone here keeps saying the G400 is better for high rez then the TNT2. I've seen many benchmarks that show otherwise. The next step several games are taking is adding larger textures 256+. The G400 does REALLY bad with large textures in 1024 compared to the TNT2. Here's the problem:

Only new games will support Bump Mapping, those new game will also have larger textures. The G400 won't be able to handle large textures with BM with 32 bit color in even 1024. You'll be running around 20-27fps AVERAGE. Where as the TNT2 will do all that minus the Bump Mapping at about 37fps AVERAGE. I'm not saying one is better then the other, the question is, speed vs. Bump Mapping with possibly lower rez to keep the framerates up.

- DJ


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Geez, a guy has a simple question, and he cant get a simple answer.

Dont turn this into another this card is better than that card debate.

PoiSoN, if you are looking into a TNT-2, I would seriously look at the Hercules Dynamite Ultra TNT-2. It has the fastest clock speed of them all (with the exception of the canopus spectra, which will not be available anywhere in North America except through Alienware). It should be available within a week or so, but I think you can pre order it now. Its more money than the others, but if you are looking for the fastest TNT-2, this is it. The clock speed is shipping at 175mhz core and 200mhz memory speeds. Plus you have a utility built right into the drivers with the Herc card that allows you to change both the core and memory clock speed. Many cards allow only an adjustment of the memory clock speed, but the most performance is gained by increasing the core clock speed (also more risky to damage the hardware).

If you have any other questions about them, let me know.

Collin J
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i agree with collin. the herc has proved to be PHENOMENALLY (i can't remember if that's spelled right or not, i dunno) o/c able. sharky was able to run it stably @195/240 i believe. i'm not sure how much that it costs, but if you want one that i think would be almost as good, go with the creative labs one for $229. i'm not sure the clock on this baby, but if anyone knows, please let me know. good luck with whatever tnt2 you buy, and always let us know on the performance end of the stick. good luck, later lava ;-j


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Ha, the choice is ovious. Diamond is no match for the Asus v3800 card. I got the original Asus TNT card and it rocks! Go for the Asus card. Remember, it's very well made in Taiwan! =)


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The drivers on the ASUS V3800 are shaky, so watch out. I still like the Herc.


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I think I'll just go for the hercules.. I just made a deal that I can test the herc and if I don't like it the asus...

thnx all..