Asus P5A & AMDk62/450 Can it be over clocked? How?



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I need some info if this can be overclocked,

Dark Need

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Of course it can! ASUS boards are some of the most overclockable around.
If you want to learn about overclocking, here are some places you can learn (And you really should LEARN what you're about. Its kinda an art-form to wring every bit of performance from your chip, and Very Satisfying.): (Probably the most in-detail) (Concise, to the point)

No-One can just tell you what your particular chip will clock to. Mine will get stably to 5*100 (500) and unstably to 5.5*95 (522) where it MAY be able to attain if given peltier cooling. this is an AMD k6-3, and I imagine without on-die cache, you may be able to get higher.
I am currently using an Alpha cooler, which I greatly recommend... lowered my temp by 15-20 degrees F compared to my generic "heavy-duty" heatsink...
As with any addon for your computer... Research! I read up on heatsinks for a before I decided to get this one. it doesn't even feel warm to the touch after hard use. I'm sure I could sink all the excess heat from a peltier with this number...

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I've also got the asus p5a with amd k6-2 450.
I want to clock it to 500 at least but I don't know at what temp the processor or mainboard is going to be fry. I've got asus pc probe and it tells me that during an intense quake 3 session the temp gets up to around 55 degrees. When a overclock what is the max temp without damaging it? Also the tnt2 is running at 140/160 and is producing a lot of heat.


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that think keeps running at 55C damn i'm lucky to get to 42C then it restarts. you need major cooling help. get an alpha from
i just ordered mine and about half the peeps here use them. add a case fan at the bottem of your case to suck cool air in from outside. and maby a litle 486 fan on the tnt or a slot fan to get the air out not letting it rise in your case and heating everything up. i can run Q2, Q3 and UT all day long at get to 40.8C MAX when i run seti and one of those games it gets to 43 and stops.
i have an AMD [email protected] right now. with just air cooling on an IWill mobo. with cheep pc100 ram and V3 3k agp. my settings are 5.5X multy, and 105 FSB., o keep the thing cool.


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#5 you have any benchmarks from that a 450 running at 525 w/stock sink and fan attached to far so good, but then i read that and...well uno.......more speed!!more speed!!!!!


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I've got a P5A and K6-2 CTX [email protected] ([email protected]). The temperature maxes out around 53-55C.

Games never crashed, applications once or twice in a lifetime, but transferring large amounts of data from one HD (IBM DTTA-351010) to another sometimes crashes my PC. I think I'll have to reinstall 98SE.

At first, 500MHz+ wasn't possible without my GlobalWin cpm 25603-32 heatsink + fan. It made my chip about 5C cooler than a normal Socket 7 fan. If you can spend more, get something like an Alpha PFH6035MFC from Ebay.

If you have a CTX core (2.2v) chip, don't overclock it beyond 2.7v.

By the way, I just sold my chip for $50 today and got an AMD K6-3 400MHz for $85 tax included. Pretty lame $35 bucks to spend, but I can't wait to test it out and do some 3DMark99 benchmarking