ASUS P3V4X overclocking help!



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I've got a P3 550 (512K, 100 FSB) on a ASUS P3V4X. I can't seem to lower the AGP bus speed. I've tried using the CPU FSB / RAM FSB ratio, but the AGP speed is NOT affected by it. I'm running a voodoo 5 5500. When i raise the FSB, say to 110, the AGP speed goes to 74 mhz and the card locks up.
Can you please help and tell me how to bring down the AGP speed. Thanks in advance



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At 124 fsb the 1/2 AGP divider will kick in.
Unfortunately, That Katmai core 550 most likely will not go that high. You would have to be very lucky, and have excellant cooling to even get close to 680 mhz with it. Your best bet is to pick up a cBO or cCO stepping "Coppermine" core P3 as these will (with rare exception) reach 133 fsb or much higher if your Ram can cut it.

A 700mhz P3 is down to about $100 US.

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