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Has anyone any expewrience with this video card? I bought it yesterday and installed it. Seems to run nice - excellent graphics,
sometimes the system seems to suspend itself for a few seconds then frees up again.

Did I set something up wrong? It seemed to install OK. I run an AMD K6 II 350 processor with 128 MB ram. It seems to me it should not suspend operations should it?

Did I get sucked in or is it a good card? I always though ASUS was pretty good product...



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I have the same card. It works great once you get it all set up. I never had any problems with it freezing and then restarting. But it will lock up if you don't get the BIOS settings right. Make sure you:

Disable write cache pipeline.
Disable Video BIOS cacheable.
Disable Video BIOS shadow.
Set agp as primary video adapter.
Set agp aperture to 1/2 system memory (in your case 64mb). If this doesn't work you can try setting it lower...

Hope this helps. It is a great card once you get it set up...