Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive, in desperate need of help!!!


Earl Hicksberry

New Member
Ok, once again I f**k up. I put WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much A.S. Adhesive on my GeForce 2 GTS and now I can just barely run Unreal Tournament in 1024x768. That's the fastest it will let me go because my card gets too hot after that. It's because I put way too much A.S. Adhesive on. So now I gotta take the heatsink off. This is very dangerous. It could completely damage my card. It's mixture is 1/3 A.S. compound and 2/3 A.S. adhesive. That should weaken the bond quite a bit but I'm not sure how much. Can someone give me some tips for removing this?


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Try the freezer trick, bag up the card and put it in the freezer long enough to get it really cold and make the epoxy brittle.

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