APG-peed on CL TNT2U



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Im running my Celeron @504, core 2,1V, Alpha cooler. I tried to boot it at 558, but it wouldn't work out. My question is:
Have anyone of you any idea of how high a CL TNT2U can go?? I mean, the AGP speed @558 is like 80MHz. Is this a no-go or what?
I don't think it's RAM related and I know it might be the CPU that can't handle this speed, but this dosen't matter, because I'm about to built a TEC-cooler.

BTW: it seems like the "s" on my kbd got stuck (AGP-peed

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Running the AGP bus at anything above 66 is potentially bad. Normally it's at 1/1 on a 66mhz fsb, or 2/3 on a 100mhz fsb.

You could try it at 2/3 75 or 83mhz, but that's likely slow the card down. Running it at 1/1 at those speeds is potentially harmful to the card and will most likely void the warranty. Depends on how dangerously you want to live.

Just like CPUs, just because one person got their card to run at a given speed, doesn't mean you will.

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Don't know about CL, but Diamond V770 is rated for AGP 4X, which is 132MHZ... So if the card is supposed to handle AGP 4x, anything below 132 MHZ should not be a problem.. I run my V550 (TNT) at 75 with no problems...