Anyone used a Optiquest V775 Monitor?



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I need some help deciding on purchasing a used monitor. I'm interested in the Optiquest V775. The monitor is 3 years old and has some horizontal hold problem ocassionally. I've researched the net and came up with the conclusion that the early Optiquest monitors aren't very reliable because of how hot they run(150w compared to 85W for newer models). I also found another site with two negative reviews about the monitors usage of over 3 years. Has anyone else used this monitor and can you all help me out?



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I used some of these monitors for a while in a testing lab. We had both the old v75 and "newer" v775 models. I consider them "average" quality shadow mask monitors.

The two models in our lab had significant colour differences. One setup had a G400 dual-head, which originally had one of each monitor connected. We swapped the v75 for a different v775 so the two monitors would match.

I can't go into too many details, as it was a while ago. These monitors supported 75Hz at 1152x864, and maybe even higher. They had an acceptable image quality - definately no award winner, but by no means the lowest of the low

If you are purchasing a used monitor, make sure you get to see it in action before you buy it. Let the monitor warm up (~15-25mins), and see how well you can adjust it to your liking.

Personally, I would only consider this an option if you can get it really cheap. Remember, the monitor is what you are looking at, and your eyes will thank you if you get a higher quality monitor

just my 2¢

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