Anyone tried GameOS?



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If you did what did you think about it? It's a shell replacement that claims it is like a console OS, freeing up as much resources as possible to run a game. Supposedly it gets at least 96% of your resources free. How good is this thing? Is it relatively stable? Any big trouble using it? Thanks.


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Nah, it's just a simple shell - a change in SYSTEM.INI makes Windows run it instead of Explorer. The idea behind it makes a little sense, but being written in VB6 instantly makes it inefficient compared to what it could be. Personally, I like being able to Alt-Tab out of games and do other things. There's no harm in trying it yourself though - worst case you'll have to boot to MS-DOS mode and change SYSTEM.INI back by hand. Just don't expect a silver bullet.

Jesse Thompson

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I tried it out about a month or so ago. The gact is I gained absolutly no performance over the regular windows 98 shell. It seems like it could be a good idea, but it really just doesn't make a difference if you typically have above 90% resources free anyway... my 2 cents.


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For one thing, you can't use your modem when you want to play online, which most peeps playing computer games do, like counter strike or such. I only tried it like 2 months ago i think and i didnt spend enough time to learn it, maybe you can use modem, but I didnt see much performance gain. Maybe if you have 32 ram you might LOLOLOL.

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