Anyone still playing



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Is anyone still playing Diablo II? I've been out of the country for awhile and got back and haven't stopped playing. Let me know if any of you go on to play. The servers are working great.


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Huge, what character are you using nowadays? I've stopped using my lvl 31 paladin who sucks at nightmare, but I've got a lvl 22 amazon I'm working on. I'll be online probably after 6pm PST tonight.


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I've been playing a lot on my LAN, but they're all open characters.

I'd love to play on-line, but I need to figure out a way to connect to battlenet via proxy.


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I just got back to playing after a good vacation trip. I'd be much happier if I can stay on vacation and forget DII.

I got a lv 26 paladin in the works now. It's carefully put together. I am expecting to do around 600-1000 damage by lv 30.

My lv 34 amazon is kind of shaky. I doubt it can last in Hell mode. I got 4 bows I can give you if you catch me tonight.


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I stopped playing' cause:

1. I could never find you guys
2. The West coast servers are more undependable than Firestone tires

I'm an administrator and leader of a quake 1 clan and that takes most of my time.

Wouldn't mind some q3a though